We have always selected Herd Sires that represent what we think the most important traits are in the Hereford Breed and in the beef industry.  The most important trait is fertility, of course, and having enough performance to keep you at the forefront of the industry is second in our eyes.  The cow side of any Herd Bull's pedigree is very important and her phenotype is of great value.  She must be fertile, feminine and have good udder structure and plenty of milk.  We do not chase fads and only strive to raise the very best cattle we can and put that in a package that will keep you, our customer, in the beef business for generations.  Here are pictures and footnotes of our current Herd Sires and some we have built our foundation on.  As you will see, our base is Line One, but we throw in an occasoional outcross when we see something in a program that we really like.  The bull pictured above is Monument L1 9841 (40071522).  His is sired by the landmark Hereford sire CL 1 Domino 386 and is out of a Yampa Dominator female.  The 386 line gave him his length of side and hip and puts plenty of milk and performance in his offspring.  The Yampa Dominator brings the fertility, hardiness and efficiency that Herefords are noted for.  His daughters and sons are outstanding. We partner with Bookcliff Herefords, Russell, KS on this foundation sire.  We still use him AI and have also used two of his sons.  The females are special and the sons add performance and style in the herds they serve.  He is a Sire of Distinction and also a Trait Leader in Milk, Milk & Growth, Fat, and Ribeye Area.

-G 444 Domino 854U (42949670) is a calf that we raised and are expecting great things from.  His sire is from the Gene Meitler program in Lucas, Kansas.  Gene is known for great, highly maternal and intensely line bred cows that give a lot of milk and have beautiful udders.  854U's mother is a 9213 daughter we raised that has done real well here.  His daughters are working well and are all we thought they would be.  They are easy keepers and are leaving a mark in our herd.  Maternal and strong performance, who could ask for more.  Semen is also available.

CO L1 Domino 106Y (43190541) also came from Coleman Herefords and for the same reasons. We have used him on heifers with success. 106Y is out of a tremendous cow at Coleman's. Everyone that sees her respects her perfect udder structure and this is a trait he passes on in his daughters. Linebred for predicatability, he has done us good and that is what we expect.  He has left many great females in our herd. We kept a son out of him to use that is out of a really good 854 daughter.  Those calves are also going to be in our future plans. Broken B Herefords, owned by Oliver & Caitlin Beall, at Stockton, KS are now benefiting from this great female producer since they purchased 106Y from us.  He will have a long lasting effect in both these herds of cattle with the females he is leaving.

G22T MAX'S 196 (43178728) From the Gus Gustafson herd at Junction City, KS, 196 was purchased just ahead of Denver last year. There are no finer Canadian cattle than at Gustafson's and they run them like a commercial herd, just as we do. We occasionally like a good outcross, and we think 196 is the one for us. He is out of a very athletic, big bull in 22T and what we think is one of Gus' best young cows. She is very maternal and great uddered.  Now that we have daughters we are really seeing the benefit of the purchase of this sire.
AI Sires include:  Anchor 44U (polled), CL 1 Domino 789T, CL 1 Domino 4163B 1 ET