Our cowherd is basically Line One, but we will use an outcross occasionally if we find something special in a program that we really like and appreciate. Our cows must be fertile and feminine and have the "Bonsma" look. Jan Bonsma was a famous South African Animal scientist that set the standard for the genetic axiom of "form follows function". We believe that a cow must look like a cow and not like the latest show fad or show steer. She must be angular and have a good front, be long sided and long hipped and have an udder that is functional and perfect if at all possible. EPDs and numbers can't explain everything and that is why we strive to create a genetic package that looks like a cow and puts plenty of performance in the calves.

 This is 430, one of our foundation females.  She is angular, feminine, long sided, long hipped, near perfect uddered and produced until she was 16 years old.  This is the model and the type we strive to produce.  Pictured at 12 years old.

804, another foundation cow out of the same genetic background as 430  is gone now, but left an outstanding set of progeny behind. She produced up until 15 years old.  She was flushed several times by Bookcliff Herefords, Dvorak Herefords, and ourselves and always bred right back. She stood the test of time and has several descendants in our herd and other herds. Pictured at twelve years of age.

511 is a daughter of 804 and out of the Monument bull.  We have full sibs to her and she is the mating that Dvoraks and Bookcliff used when they flushed 804, so they have full sibs working in their herds as well. 

  006 is a daughter of 511 and out of L1 Domino 03571. She continues the lineage and after seeing her first two bull calves, we think she will do very well in continuing the cow line. We are also using her to start our polled line of Herefords. That project is well on the road to success and she is a big reason. We have several flush mates out of her and Anchor 44U that are either raising calves or gettign ready to. It looks promising.

  153 is another from the same basic cow line through her sire 854U and her Miles City mother. She is currently owned with Triple L Ranch in Mexia, TX. We retained her first calf and he is doing us a great job. His daughters look to be very good and his sons are stout and made right.

512 is another example of what we strive to produce. She is a Monument daughter. Come by and see more like her!

703 cow

-G Fort Dominet 703 ET – AHA# 43817897 – 703, as you can see by this picture, will carry on the female tradition here. Nearly perfect in her udder structure and standing up to the rigors here with no special care. Now with her second calf on the ground, she has maintained that tremendous udder and is ready to carry on the tradition that she carries in her pedigree of many great females.