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Time sure gets away. Anyway, we are having a good spring and summer and I am updating the page with pictures from both. There will be pictures of calves from early spring and up to early summer. The Kansas Hereford Tour will be coming by our place on August 21 in the afternoon. We would enjoy having you here to look at the cattle and share in some neat door prizes, one of which is an American flag made out of horse shoes and painted up to look like a flag. Would really look good in your yard. Mary and I have been going on a mission trip with our church every other year for a while. We go to northwest New Mexico and do work on the Brethren in Christ Navajo mission there. As a group we pay for all the expenses and material to do things such as roofing and upkeep on the housing there for the mission. It usually takes about $10,000 to get it all done with all the materials and such. This year on the tour we will be asking for donations to help us fund this project for June of 2017 and here is the neat part. We will be giving you the choice out of three classes of our heifers. The spring 2016 heifers will be on display that day and you can have choice of them, or the fall 2016 born heifers that will be weaned in April 2017, or an ET heifer out of our 006 cow and Anchor 44U, a polled bull. The ET calves will be born in September of 2017 and the choice will be yours. The suggested donation is $100 per chance or $500 for 6 chances. Call or email for more details. There are some pictures under our for sale tab. Thank you for your consideration. We will be holding nothing back for this and will take none of the money. We are donating this heifer choice to the Navajo Mission and the drawing will be conducted after weaning, probably in December. The drawing will be held at our church. Fling Hills Scenery - Spring 2016 Ranch Photos Cows and Calves Spring 2016